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Toronto #2

On Wednesday morning I woke just before 6am having slept through. Lucy’s dog Cora came for belly rubs. She is such a cutie and would easily fit in my handbag. She came with us for the day.

First up we caught the ferry to Toronto Islands. There are 3 ferries that each go to a different part of the islands. We caught the one to Ward’s Island.

This island has a range of different wooden houses, some I assume are holiday homes but there are some permanent residents. Each house is different and in varying condition but it has a nice rustic and quaint feel about it, then suddenly you come across a modern new build being put up. There are no cars or grocery shops on the islands.

We walked along the footpaths and boardwalk, making a quick stop to see one of the beaches and continuing on until we crossed a bridge over to Central Island.

On Central Island there’s a fair ground and it was busy, we just walked on by. There were also some planted borders and a large fountain. You can walk further on and catch a ferry back from Hanlan’s Point but we caught the one from Central. You get a great view of the city from any of the ferries and the ticket price was less than 10 Canadian dollars.

We then caught an Uber to Kensington Market area and stopped at a Mexican restaurant where I had delicious fish tacos. Lucy then headed off to take Cora to a vet appointment which gave me some time to explore a little. I found a yarn store but managed to resist buying any yarn (as I’m just on hand luggage at the moment). I did buy some cute stitchmarker sets as a souvenir and then walked through Chinatown back to meet Lucy and Cora at the vets.

We were tired from our adventures so hopped on a streetcar and headed back to the apartment. We then just sat and chilled out and chatted. Lucy has bundles of energy and rarely just sits and relaxes, I feel like I could give a TED Talk about how to sit and do nothing 😂.

Despite catching some Ubers during the day we still clocked up 6.7 miles.

Today I was up early and caught the streetcar and then Union Pearson Express train to the airport to fly to Detroit.

Toronto reminds me of a cross between Seattle and San Francisco. The main thing that stood out was I’ve never seen so many people with dogs everywhere, including downtown! Public transit is great and very clean, the Uber cars were all spotless.

By highlandheffalump

I love making things and being creative, knitting, wet & needle felting, weaving, spinning, sea glass creations and more. You can find my crafting blog and business website at, my travel posts have been relocated to and my garden posts can be found at .

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