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The Kyle of Tongue…déjà vu

So if you were following me last year, this post may have a ring of déjà vu about it, as I posted some pictures last June, but I have a lot of new followers and more photos to share. 😀

I consider myself to be well travelled and have lazed on the beaches on Maui, the Maldives and many other places around the world, but Skinnet Beach on the Kyle of Tongue, Sutherland, on the North Coast of Scotland, is one of my favourites.

When the tide is up the beach all but disappears, but when the tide is out the beach is enormous; it is empty of people; you get to wear your knitwear; there’s mountain views and turquoise water; there’s no need for suntan lotion and no risk of prickly heat; and I don’t think it’s accessible by car, so no camper vans are on it. I love looking down on it from either side and love being on it.

At low tide the beach grows so much. Here’s a dodgy drawing I’ve done from a map on a leaflet, so I don’t breach their copyright lol. All my yellow bits are underwater at high tide and showing at low tide.

Please check my previous post for some views with the tide in and where we are staying. We heard yesterday that the Shepherds hut is moving from its current location to Ullapool (north west coast of Scotland) and we are pretty gutted. We will be on the hunt for a new spot to visit for mini breaks, as we will definitely be back.

By highlandheffalump

I love making things and being creative, knitting, wet & needle felting, weaving, spinning, sea glass creations and more. You can find my crafting blog and business website at, my travel posts have been relocated to and my garden posts can be found at .


  1. We were meant to be in Inverkirkaig at this very moment, but family stuff intervened. I love the northwest (been going up at least once a year for more than 20 years), and have sampled for a couple of tapestries from colours and places there. It’s magical and also, like most magical places, slightly dangerous. Love it. Sorry to hear about the Shepherd’s Hut.

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  2. Oh, so glad you posted a link to your previous post, and that I followed it. I remember that cute hut you stayed in. What a gorgeous spot! And what sweet pictures of the three of you.

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  3. Hey!!!!! Did anyone ask you if it was ok to move the shepherd’s hut? That isn’t very nice of them. What a gorgeous area to be at for a few days. You guys look so happy in the photos too. You have some beautiful photos of the area.

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