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Kyle of Tongue – North Coast of Scotland

My husband and I had planned to do a long weekend camping at Durness, but with the weather forecast being heavy rain all weekend we looked for an alternative option.  He managed to find this lovely wee Shepherd’s Hut that was available for the 3 nights we were after.  We now know it is available through Airbnb, although we had booked it direct.

The hut looks out to the Kyle of Tongue which is a shallow sea loch.  When the tide goes out there is a huge amount of beach and when the tide is in there’s blue and turquoise waters.  It is surrounded by Ben Hope and Ben Loyal and some other mountains.  It has gorgeous sandy beaches, mountain views, turquoise water and is a National Scenic Area.

We pretty much had the beaches to ourselves, we had way better weather than expected and actually enjoyed mostly sunshine.  We walked up to Castle Varrich ruin and oh my is it windy up there!

I’ve mentioned before about the North Coast 500 route, which does a loop around the North of Scotland.  The Kyle of Tongue is on that route and so the roads had many European cars from Italy, Austria, France, Netherlands, Germany.


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  1. Shhhhh! You tell everyone how lovely it is, and they’ll all want to come! lol! Living in the Central Belt, I spend as much time up in the Northwest as possible, and it is a delight to see newcomers amazed by the remarkable landscape, the welcoming people and the deer. Lots of deer. Oh, and sheep, generally on the road.

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