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50th Birthday Trip part 2 – Cheshire

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Tuesday 31st May – After meeting my parent’s for lunch I drove to near Northwich, Cheshire, where my friend Susan lives.

I met Susan when I was in my early 20s. A guy that I fancied introduced us, I remember he said “I think you’ll really like Susan”. He was right, I do. She also introduced me to her group of friends and I became part of their group and for years we all went to the pub, had lunches, trips away to Wales, parties and great times together. I will forever be grateful to Andrew for introducing us. My social life was hugely transformed by his introduction.

Anyway, our friend Helen who lives in London had travelled up to visit as well and Ali, who lives near Susan, came over and the four of us had dinner at Susan’s lovely house.

Wednesday 1st June – Susan, Helen and I went into Knutsford and had a lovely lunch in The Botanist. We had a brief visit to see Ali’s house and then headed back to Susan’s. It was nice weather and I was jealous she has lovely garden furniture to sit outside. We don’t really get enough nice days or evenings to sit out where we live. In the evening we had some fizz at the fabulous airbnb that Helen was staying at and then walked to The Hart of Hartford restaurant for cocktails and dinner, where Chris joined us. It was like a Friday night mid 1990s with some of the girls back together chatting and laughing. It was a brilliant evening and I’ve not laughed so hard for a long time.

Thursday 2nd – I helped Susan make some homemade roasted pepper and tomato soup and then the girls came over, plus Jo and Lou also made it over from the Wirral so we had a lovely lunch and sat in the sun. Until the neighbour’s kid decided to spray a hose over the fence. He has special needs so we just moved inside and looked at old photos of their travels and some parties.

In the evening Susan, her two sons and I went into Manchester. We had dinner with some of Susan’s friends at a Lebanese restaurant called Comptoir Libanais. I had an absolutely delicious grilled halloumi salad with pomegranate molasses dressing. We then went to see The Play That Goes Wrong. It was funny but not something I’d watch twice and I got a little distracted by reading the subtitles on the monitors.

Friday 3rd – It was time to head up to Scotland to meet my husband. More on this stage of the trip on my next post.

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