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One more sleep to go…

My goodness it seems a long time since I caught a flight anywhere (2017 to Verona, Italy), but the next few weeks I’ve a few planned.

First up is Toronto! I’m visiting Lucy, who I met on my trip to Peru and Bolivia in 2015/16. She is from the UK but emigrated to Canada a few years ago and lives on the outskirts of Toronto. She has made some fun plans for us and hopefully we will be able to cram in a lot of fun and sightseeing into the couple of “full on tourist days”.

Next up is Michigan! I’ll be staying a week with Annie and her husband Michael. 31 years ago I was an au pair to Annie’s 3 girls (a 4 year old and 3 month old twins). The 4 year old lives in California and one of the twins lives in Virginia, so I won’t get to see them this trip. But I hope to see one of the twins and meet her two children for the first time. Last time I visited, in 2016, she was heavily pregnant with her first baby. Annie and Michael have just moved house so I’ve said I’m happy to just hang out and help unpack etc. I’m sure we will squeeze in some visits to Cold Stone Creamery and I’d like to have my M Street Baking Co. (I’ve been jealous of the delicious treats another blogger has been getting from there.). I’m also hoping we can squeeze in a cinema visit. Annie and I once did a movie marathon, seeing Sleepless in Seattle, In the Line of Fire and The Firm back to back at the cinemas and maximising those free refills!

Last up will be Wisconsin! Some friends and I are going to be visiting the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. The exchange rate is rubbish at the moment so I won’t be buying masses of things but will be enjoying meeting up with friends and hope to pick up some wool from some American breeds I haven’t spun before. The guest house we are staying in is close to a quilt fabric shop and is it wrong that I’ve worked out the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts is only a 9 minute walk!!

I have packed some sweatpants for the journey home as I suspect I will be in desperate need of an elasticated waistband by then 😂. A trip to the US for me = sugary treats and weight gain. But hey it’s a holiday and it’s been a while.


By highlandheffalump

I love making things and being creative, knitting, wet & needle felting, weaving, spinning, sea glass creations and more. You can find my crafting blog and business website at, my travel posts have been relocated to and my garden posts can be found at .


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