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South & Central America Adventure Booked

Having thought I would take some time off work to do a few weeks of voluntary service overseas, I got distracted by looking at holidays in South America!

I thought I would do the GAdventures Southern Cross trip from Lima to Rio, but then I couldn’t get excited about the Brazil part of the trip and wanted to go to Costa Rica instead.  After an hour with Alessandro at STA Travel in Victoria, London, we managed to work out that I could do Peru, Bolivia and then Costa Rica. Success!!

So I set off after Christmas for a 46 day trip to Peru, Bolivia and Costa Rica!

On my travels I will be able to tick off a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites (which I should start to keep track of as I’ve seen quite a few already).  I am excited to see Machu Picchu but have been realistic about my physical capability and have booked the train, rather than making the 4 day hike – this has also given me enough time to do the optional Jungle Safari!  I’ll be seeing Lake Titicaca, the Uyuni Salt Flats, volcanoes, hopefully turtles, condors and hopefully lots more.

I need to pack for all seasons as it is rainy (summer) season in Peru, Bolivia is high altitude so can be minus temperatures at night and Costa Rica will be hot and likely humid.

For anyone interested these are the trips that I’ve planned:

Inca Heartland Tour

Bolivia Discovery

Costa Rica Adventure

Photos and my progress will be tracked on this blog (wifi signal dependent!).  There are going to be quite a number of days where there won’t be any signal or indeed electricity!  However, I’ll try to keep it up to date when and where I can.

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