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Dubai Day 2

We were quite late waking up and so headed for breakfast with only 30 mins left before they were due to stop serving.  I was a complete piggy eating 6 pancakes with fruit…or at least I thought I was a piggy until Allistar beat me in that by having two waffles with maple syrup, strawberries, whipped cream with berries and because that wasn’t quite sweet enough he asked for icing sugar as well!! (Photo inserted below in Aquarium montage.)  Our piling on the pounds day just continued all day, ending with a Cold Stone Creamery Love It sized ice cream!  Now lying in bed having had a peppermint tea and still feeling like I may well explode.

Anyway, apart from eating we did manage to squeeze in some tourist stuff.  Firstly we hopped in a cab from the hotel to Dubai Mall.  We headed straight to the At The Top Burj Khalifa and headed up at 12pm.  We hadn’t pre booked for the lower floor (124), so the only choice you have is to buy the VIP ticket which takes you to the higher floor (148) anyway.  

Burj Khalifa

We went back in the evening to see the fountain display and see it lit close up.

After our trip to the top of the Burj Khalifa, we stopped at the food court which is closed off and hidden from the view of Muslims who are fasting for Ramadan.  Then we had a look around the aquarium which was great value we thought.  Especially in comparison to Blue Planet Aquarium that I used to work at.  

Dubai Aquarium

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